Our Saturday dedication service was wonderful! We invited all our pastor friends and family and we had over 90 in attendence! We didn't have enough chairs but no one seemed to mind. It was such a happy time and the spirit was just amazing. You could just feel the excitement oozing out!

We sang several hymns and choruses together and Pastor Galarza from our mother church in San Antonio de Padua (previously pastored by Richard Todd) gave a short message and lead the ceremony of postulating and electing of our Pastor. (Mike Todd of course!) Then all the members signed the church pact. We elected a church treasurer and secretary.  A small group from our church sang a special number and the children from the OANSA (AWANA) Club from our sister church in Junin also sang a special. My father-in-law, Richard Todd, gave a wonderful message on respect for the church and we concluded the whole meeting with refreshments.

 Sunday we had our inauguration service where we invited our neighbors, friends, and family to attend.  We had 11 visitors.  Even though there were no professions of faith, we were very excited to be able to talk with them.  Many of them said they would be back and are excited about the different ministries of our church.

The picture below is of the Sunday service.  Some more visitors came in after this picture was taken. :)

If you'd like to see a video of  the History of La Iglesia Bautista Nueva Vida go to our blog.       mstoddargentina.blogspot.com 


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